Full Mechanical Repair Shop

Automotive Procare in Rochester, MN is your full service automotive repair shop. We offer the services you and your automobile need to keep you on the road for years to come. Conveniently located near downtown Rochester we are your first choice for auto repair. Enjoy our free shuttle service (weekdays only) and you can drop off your car and get a ride to work.

Why do you need oil changes?

Proper oil change service is vital to your vehicle’s longevity. Due to the demands your car puts on your engine’s oil, it eventually loses its ability to lubricate, cool, clean and flow freely. Not changing your oil regularly can lead to costly engine repairs and drastically reduce your vehicles life span.

Our Oil Change Services Include

  • Changing the engine oil and filter.
  • Adding the recommended amount of oil of the proper viscosity recommended for your engine.
  • Lubricating the chassis (when applicable).
  • Top off windshield washer fluid.
  • Adjusting tire pressures.
  • Disposing of your old oil according to EPA standards, protecting our environment.
  • Includes a multi-point courtesy inspection.

We provide more than a quick lube that just changes your filter and drains and fills the oil. We provide a full service oil change featuring ASE trained technicians.

THE TRUTH ABOUT PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE………As much as the new car dealers try to scare you in to returning to their location for preventative maintenance or “risk” your vehicles warranty, it is simply not the case. In the United States, it is Federal Law (Magnuson Moss Act of 1975) that you can have your preventative maintenance done at your regular service facility.

We support and recommend preventative maintenance over the life of your vehicle. It is proven that following the manufacturers recommended service intervals will provide you with a vehicle that operates better and lasts longer. Regardless of the make of vehicle you drive, we have the factory recommended service intervals and the work that needs to be performed at each. BEST OF ALL, in addition to all the benefits of following the recommended s service intervals, YOU WILL SAVE BIG MONEY by allowing Automotive Procare to provide this important service.

Why Inspect Brakes?

A squealing or grinding noise should be investigated immediately. Brake performance has improved in recent years, but a large percentage of vehicle’s brakes are not checked regularly. Brake work performed before you hear those squeals can save many dollars in repairs. Worn brake pads that begin to connect metal-to-metal can cause other damage and add extra dollars in brake system overhaul.

What We Inspect

  • Brake lines
  • Hoses
  • Rotors
  • Calipers
  • Evaluate the condition of the brake fluid. If the brake fluid absorbs moisture it will become acidic. This can lead to deterioration of seals, and damage ABS module on vehicles equipped with Anti Lock Brakes.
  • Check for leaks at master cylinder, lines, fittings, hoses, modules, and junction blocks.
  • Check emergency brake adjustment.

When is cooling systems service or repair necessary?

• When ever you notice any leaks or issues in performance because your temperature gauge may be off.
• Your cooling system should be inspected annually to insure that your engine operates within proper temperature ranges.

Typical Cooling System Components:

• Pressure Cap
• Radiator
• Transmission Cooler
• Water Pump
• Fan
• Thermostat
• Reservoir Tank
• Heater Core
• Rubber Hoses

Signs of Overheating:

• The temperature gauge. If you notice your engine is running hotter than normal, it’s time for an inspection.
• Check to see if any green, orange, or yellow fluid is leaking from under your vehicle. If it is you are probably losing coolant and should get it inspected.
• Squealing noise when engine RPM increases. This could mean a loose belt which would cause poor circulation of the water pump.

What Do We Inspect?

• Radiator for leaks and debris clogging the fins which reduces cooling performance.
• Coolant for protection level and contamination.
• Pressure test radiator cap.
• Cooling fan operation.
• Fan clutch (if equipped).
• All belts for cracks and deterioration.
• All hoses for leaks, softness or bulging, indicating deterioration from the inside out.
• Check for leaks at thermostat housing, intake manifold, engine heads and freeze plugs.
• Water pump for leaks.
• Reservoir tank for leaks.
• Heater Core for leaks.

Custom exhaust systems are more popular than ever….whether for a better look, better sound, or better performance, we can help. Automotive Procare sells and installs Flowmaster muffler and exhaust equipment. Some of the best in the business. From the catalytic converter all the way to exhaust tips, Flowmaster has what you need. Partner Flowmaster with our “on site” custom pipe bender and there is very few muffler and exhaust installations we can’t handle. If you are restoring a classic car or pick up, building a muscle car, or just want your everyday vehicle to have a top performing exhaust system, stop in at Automotive Procare.

Not all muffler shops have perfected the skill of custom pipe bending……at Automotive Procare we have. In every vehicle a smooth bend is critical to the engine so it can properly breathe. In addition to the “on the spot” convenience of custom exhaust pipe bending, in most cases, for your regular passenger vehicle, it will also save you money. If you have a muscle car, or are restoring a classic car or pick up, Automotive Procare can assist with the a 100% custom built exhaust system from engine back. Along with our custom pipe bending, we offer Flowmaster Muffler & Exhaust equipment. Whether you are looking for the right sound, right look, or more power, we can help.

When is service or engine repair necessary?

Your engine is the “heart” of your vehicle. It makes every other system and component operate. If you notice any engine performance issues, having a qualified ASE trained technician analyze your vehicle quickly is important. In many cases determining the severity of an engine problem can be accomplished by a fast and affordable computer scan. Hesitation may cause excessive damage and more costly engine repairs.

Typical Components:

• Crankshaft
• Pistons
• Piston Rings
• Connecting Rods
• Camshaft
• Timing Gears
• Timing Belt
• Valves
• Oil Pan
• Oil Pump

We will inspect your engine and spot problems before they turn into major issues. Our mechanics are ASE certified and can diagnose and fix the problem and get you back on the road.

Common Steering and Suspension Problems that Occur are:

• Your steering wheel is vibrating when you’re at high speeds.
• Your steering is loose, wandering off to either side.
• You feel every bump in the road as you go over them.
• You hear excessive noise when going over uneven terrain.
• You hear loud screeching while parking or going at low speeds.
• When ever you notice any issues in performance, please have an ASE trained technician evaluate your vehicle.

Common Areas We Inspect:

• Power steering system.
• Steering linkage.
• Shock absorbers.
• Front and rear suspensions.
• Struts.
• Wheel alignment.
• Coil springs.

When is AC Service or AC Repair Necessary?

• When ever you notice any issues in performance with your vehicle’s AC. (i.e. not cooling)

What Does Service Include?

• In depth inspection of lines and hoses.
• Test and record the systems high and low pressure readings.
• Check and record the temperature of the air from the air conditioning vents at maximum cool setting.
• Freon cleansing; because freon is harmful to the environment, we take special care to use the proper recovery machines to ensure that none of the material escapes during service.

When is a Tune Up Necessary?

The old days of replacing spark plugs and adjusting the engine timing are long gone! Today, regular inspections performed by our ASE trained technicians are the norm. Inspections, combined with proper preventative maintenance, will keep your vehicle operating properly.

Common Areas of Tune Up Services:

• Checking and replacing fuel filter.
• Checking and replacing spark plugs.
• Checking of all ignition parts.
• Checking and replacing serpentine belts.
• Checking and replacing air filter.
• Battery service.
• Changing PCV valve.

Thinking of purchasing a used car? Want to be sure that you are getting a good value for your money? Automotive Procare offers affordable used car inspections that will let you purchase with confidence. The opinion of an objective third party is an invaluable resource for you. Bring your used car to Automotive Procare for evaluation and let us do the rest. We will prepare a report and a recommendation for you.

Don’t buy a lemon. Contact Automotive Procare for a used car inspection today!

When is wheel alignment Service or Repair Necessary?

• If you notice uneven or rapid tire wear.
• If your car wanders on a straight, level road.
• If your car pulls or drifts away from a straight line.
• If your steering wheel is crooked even when driving straight, on a level road.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Include?

• Inspecting steering and suspension system including tire condition and air pressure.
• Checking initial alignment readings.
• Adjusting camber, caster, and toe angles, if adjustable, to manufacturer specifications.
• Checking final alignment readings to verify alignment is within specification.
• Road testing.

With winter driving comes new demands on your vehicle. Extreme temperatures can impact your vehicle and your personal safety. To be 100% sure your vehicle is ready for the cold, contact Automotive Procare and schedule our Pre-Winter Safety Special. For just $59.95 we will change your oil with up to 5 qts. of 5w20, 5w30, or 10w30, install a new oil filter, lubricate the vehicle chassis, AND PERFORM A COMPLETE VEHICLE INSPECTION.

If there are areas of your vehicle that require attention, we will inform you and provide a 100% free and complimentary estimate for necessary repairs. Be ready for Winter driving with Automotive Procare.

A muffler is a very important component to your vehicles performance. In addition to the noise a bad muffler creates, your engine performance can be impacted, and passenger comfort and safety may be an issue if exhausts fumes leak into the passenger compartment. If you are “hearing”, “smelling”, or “feeling” any difference in your vehicle, stop in and let us take a look at your exhaust system. In most cases, Automotive Procare can provide an original equipment replacement, or we also offer quality Flowmaster performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust tips, stainless steel mufflers, and racing mufflers. Whether you are driving a passenger vehicle, pick up, muscle car, SUV, or diesel Flowmaster has what you need. In addition, we have our own exhaust pipe bender so we can save you money by simply bending the pipe to fit your vehicle. We offer lifetime warranties.

When is Transmission Service or Repair Necessary?

Inspecting the condition of your transmission fluid is done with every full service oil change.

The transmission fluid will tell us if service is needed. If the transmission fluid is starting to turn brown, transmission fluid service should probably be performed.

What Does Transmission Fluid Service Include?

• Removing the transmission pan.
• Removing the old filter and replacing with a new filter.
• Cleaning the transmission pan and reinstalling with a new gasket.
• Installing the transmission fluid exchanger.
• Exchanging all the old fluid with the correct new fluid recommended by the manufacture.
• Installing a transmission fluid conditioner for added protection.
• Inspecting all lines and hoses for cracks or leakage.
• Inspecting all linkages for proper connection and operation.
• Disposing of your old fluid according to EPA regulations, protecting our environment.

We recommend an automatic transmission fluid exchange service with a filter being replaced every other time. Why a fluid exchange? Most automatic transmissions hold a minimum of 12 quarts of fluid. When the pan is removed and the filter changed you only get 3 to 5 quarts of fluid out, leaving 2/3rds to 3/4ths old fluid in the torque converter, lines, filter and hoses. When we perform a transmission fluid exchange service we remove all the old fluid and replace it with new. By performing a fluid exchange at regular intervals the filter can be replaced every other time.

If you require any other transmission service, our ASE trained technicians can diagnose your problem and determine whether repair or replacement is your best course of action.