Tips to Remember if you Store Your Vehicle




When you maintain the vehicle, it is typically to keep it up and running. It is also important to have maintenance done on the vehicle if you plan on storing it for long periods of time. If it is a vacation getaway, or just storing the vehicle for the season, there are some recommended tips you should follow.


There can be several reasons but we all need to store our vehicle for long periods of time at some point or the other. These general maintenance tips are a must consider, when you decide to put your vehicle for extended time periods without ever taking it out. This can help keep the parts like the battery, in the best condition possible.


The basic maintenance tips include storing the vehicle with the battery turned on so that your car is completely charged, using a weather cover if you store your automobile outdoors, wax your vehicle exteriors after washing it completely to avoid bird droppings and corrosion, changing the oil before you confine it to storage periods. Also, to prevent moisture from entering your fuel tanks, make sure you top up the fuel tanks with gas.


If you store your vehicle for prolonged periods, your tires are bound to have a few flat spots owing to tire pressure anomalies that arise. The reason for flat spots to develop in your tires is the entire weight of your automobiles pressing down on a certain soft spot in your tire for a continuously long time period. This can create a dent in your tire, forcing you to completely change the tire once you intend to drive your car later. If you ever have any questions about how your vehicle should be stored, make sure to contact us so we can advise you on some tips.