Brake Inspections for your Vehicle


The brakes are essential to keeping your car safe on the road for not only yourself, but other motorists and people out on the roads. Luckily the brakes are easy to check and replace if there is ever an issue with them. If you notice an issue with how the brakes are working, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. This will help keep your vehicle working in the best condition possible when you drive. If the brake pedal starts to show any sign of a problem, the brakes should be inspected as soon as you can bring the vehicle in.



The brake pads are located near the tire, between the calipers, rotors and the actual rim of the tire. When you step on the brake pedal in the vehicle, it activates the bakes to squeeze against the inside of the tire rim and cause the tire to stop. The more you apply the brakes during your your daily travels, the faster the brake pads will wear down and need replacing in your vehicle. If you ever have a doubt as to the pads left on your car, we will be able to measure it and tell you a percentage of the brake pads that are left. Depending on this answer will determine how long you should go before scheduling a brake job with new parts.


Problems can develop in the brake pads just like anywhere else in the car. Since the brake pads and the braking system are exposed to the elements and road conditions more, they are prone to having more issues. A stone could get thrown up in there and cause a bend that makes the brake not work efficiently on one tire. Heavy use could bend the rotors or the calipers and require them to be changed. Then there could be a problem with the tire rim that causes a problem to develop somewhere along the brake line.


Some types of brake pads will last longer than others simply because of their composite. Also, some people drive differently than others. Whether it is foot on the brake or foot on the gas, where they are driving and how long it takes to get there, also affect how a brake pad will wear. Check to see what the average mileage is on the similar brake pads so you have an estimate of how long they will last. If there is even a question as to how long they will last, have them inspected. We can look and measure with a tool that tells what percent of the pad is left and when they should be changed.


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