Driving with Care this Spring


With the snow and ice are off the roads, a new issue is now present. Potholes can become a nuisance and a problem during the spring and summer. The potholes can cause damage to all areas of the vehicle as well. It is also important to go to regular maintenances based on a schedule. If you are unsure how often the parts should be inspected, we can help to recommend a schedule for you. Also remember to avoid any jackrabbit starts or fast stops. If you accelerate too quickly, it can cause fuel to burn. This can result in poor fuel efficiency for the vehicle when you drive it. Also, by slamming on the brakes you can cause more strain to the brake system and lines.



Potholes are a big issue in the spring. This is because the roads are no longer frozen and damaged from the winter. Hitting a pothole at high speeds can do damage to the tires, suspension, alignment, and other parts of the vehicle. It is important to try and avoid them if possible. If you do have to hit a pothole, slow down as much as you can before hitting the pothole. Sometimes hitting a pothole could cause your vehicle to swerve into another lane.


Having the vehicle maintained is important for the overall efficiency of it. If the vehicle is not maintained, it could cause parts to wear and become damaged. When an issue is ignored, it can lead to further damage for parts of the vehicle. If you notice any problems the vehicle might have between visits, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. This can help prevent larger issues from forming. It can also help to prevent a costly repair bill when it comes time to fix it.


Driving at the recommended speed is also important. This can help to save on any unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle. Taking corners sharply and at a high speed can cause them to wear quicker. It can also result in uneven tire wear with time. Slamming on the brakes can also cause strain and stress on parts of the brake system. If you accelerate quickly out of a stop it can waste more fuel as well. By changing the speed and driving habits, you can help to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.


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