Make Sure to Inspect your Vehicle this Spring

With the warmer temperatures, now is a great time to inspect your vehicle. Over the winter road grime and salt can build up on your vehicle, which can increase the chance of rust to form. Make sure to wash your car, and undercarriage, so that the grime and left over salt is removed.


You will also want to inspect the tires. With colder temperatures, the pressure can become lower over time. Under inflated tires can result in poor mileage when you drive the vehicle. Under inflated tires also have a greater chance of blowing out when they rotate. Over inflated tires will have less contact with the surface of the road. This can lead to poor handling and control of the vehicle. The tread of the tires is also critical. The tread is what helps to grip the road when you drive. Proper tread will improve the handling and stability of the road if it is wet or in a less than ideal condition. If the tread is low it can cause the vehicle to hydroplane on roads that have water on them.

You will also want to inspect the tread of your tires. You can do this by placing a penny upside down in the groove of the tread. If you are able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, then there is not enough tread to drive safely. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tires for you. A new set of tires might be recommended. We can also inspect them to see how the tread is wearing all the way around the tires. Proper rotations should be done in order to help keep the tires in the best condition possible. This can help to ensure they all are wearing as evenly as possible. You may also need to have them aligned, so make sure to schedule an appointment with us, so we can inspect them for you.


The windshield wipers should also be inspected. After the winter season is a good time to have them replaced. The harsh element of winter can cause the blades to rip and tear. This could lead to the wipers smearing or smudging the windshield as they operate. If you are not sure what type of wiper blades to invest in, contact us, and we can advise you on the options.


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