5 signs of Poor Transmission


Any issue with your vehicle that is mechanical is usually associated with a distinct sound. These can be key indicators that something is not functioning the way it should.


Burning Smell


As you are driving, you may start to notice the smell of something burning. This may be an indication that the transmission is overheating. The fluid not only helps to keep the moving parts of the transmission properly lubricated, but it helps prevent the unit from burning up. A common cause of the smell can be from low fluid. When this happens, this can mean there is a leak or dirty fluid that needs to be changed.




Noticing any noises while your vehicle is in neutral could mean an issue with the transmission. Sometimes a quick and easy fix can be replacing the fluid. The vehicle owner’s manual will provide the best kind of fluid needed for your vehicle. If there are noises while your vehicle is in neutral, it could mean that some parts may be in need of replacing.


Fluid leaks


An easy sign to know that your transmission may need attention is if you notice any leaking fluid. The fluid helps to maintain your vehicle’s shifting capabilities. If you check the transmission fluid, it should be bright red in color. If the fluid is dark in color, you should bring your vehicle in so we can have it replaced. Unlike the oil, the transmission does not consume or burn off any fluid during operation. If you notice that the transmission fluid is low or empty, there is probably a leak somewhere in the system.


Check Engine Light


If the check engine light comes on, it may be an early indication that there is an issue with the transmission. Granted, there may be other reasons why the check engine light comes on rather than with the transmission. It is important to make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible if you notice the light on, especially if it is blinking.


Poor Response


Transmissions are designed to go to the correct gear every time. A way to notice you may have an issue is if they hesitate or refuse to get in the correct gear. The vehicle should shift quickly into gear, but if you notice any hesitations or swaying feeling, there could be an issue with the transmission.


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