As you get ready for Back to School, don’t forget about your Vehicle!

As you are getting ready for the upcoming school year, now is a great time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. This can help to ensure that all the parts and components are working, as they should be. By going to regular maintenances, you can help improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle.


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One of the most important things that you can do is to notice the dashboard lights that could illuminate. These help to alert you to issues that are happening with your vehicle. If the light comes on, make sure to schedule an appointment to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. If the light starts to blink, you should pull over on the side of the road or safe location. The warning lights and gauges are some of the best indicators of how well the vehicle is operating. If the temperature starts to rise, the gauge can alert you do this. If a light illuminates on the dashboard, it can help to determine what the issue with your vehicle could be.


There are some simple things you can do to help improve the efficiency of your vehicle. This can include checking the fluids, like the oil, and inspecting the tires. If the oil has become old, make sure to have it changed. This can help to provide new clean oil to parts of the engine. If you have to replace a fluid more often, make sure to bring it in. This could indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the system. When inspecting the tires, check the air pressure so it is at the correct amount. This can help the overall performance of the vehicle. The tread on the tires will also have to be looked at. The tread helps to grip the surface of the road when you drive. This improves the handling and stability of the vehicle.


When you are driving, an important thing to be aware of is any odd noises that the vehicle might make. Notice what speed you are driving at, and what you are doing. If you are turning, the noise could indicate a different issue than if you were driving straight ahead. If the noise comes from under the hood, a part may need to be replaced. You can schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle for you. This can help it to be safe and reliable when you drive.


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