Keeping the Interior of your Car Clean









Think about how much time you probably spend in your vehicle. You will probably be shocked at the amount when you start to add it up. Regular commutes, errand runs, and road trips can have you sitting in those seats for hours on end, and during that time, you and your passengers are actually living in the interior. That means smudges on the windows, scratches on the dash and food in the seat crevices accumulate.



To help keep your vehicle clean, place a plastic bag to accumulate all the garbage in. Every so often, take it out. Keeping trash off the floor also preserves your carpets, which can get stained from any number of items. Make sure to take some time and clean the carpet when you start to notice dirt or mud on it. If you spend a lot of time ducking in and out of the elements, you might want to grab some all-weather floor mats. They’re easy to clean and do a great job of keeping the muck in one place.



The idea of taking a rag to your dash and leather seats is made easier if you have them on-hand. Use a little bit of soapy water to wipe the surfaces of your car, some cleaning products contain alcohols that prematurely dry and age the materials by reducing the flexibility in the vinyl. Store a small spray bottle of your homemade cleaning fluid and a rag under your seat or in a storage bin for access incase an emergency spill happens.



Not only will these tips make your car a nicer place to be, keeping grime out of your ride will cut down on large maintenance costs in the future, as well as help retain the value over time.











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