Getting your Car Ready for Summer









With Memorial Day being the official start of summer, now is the time to get your vehicle ready for a cruise across town or across the country. Before you set off on that much needed summer vacation, make sure your vehicle is also up to the trip. The last thing you need to do is start off your vacation with a break down.


1) Tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle, and many times the least to be checked. Winter’s salt and grime is tough on the rubber, and potholes from the spring can destroy a tire in seconds.


2)  A brake and suspension inspection is a good idea. Much like tires, your suspension and brakes get beat up. Next to good tires, proper handling and stopping come next.


3)  Have your coolant tested. Your vehicle’s radiator serves you all year round. Making sure your coolant level is correct and in good condition is very important to making sure your engine is operating at the correct temperature as we drive in hot weather. An overheated vehicle on the side of the road is the last thing you want. While having the coolant tested, also make sure the vehicles thermostat is operating correctly.


4)  Have your other transmission fluid checked for condition and levels as well. Before heading out for a summer road trip is an excellent time to have your annual transmission fluid flush performed.


5)  Is your A/C ready? Our air conditioning systems sit idle all winter long. Road salt is very corrosive and can impact the lines and connections allowing for the refrigerant (freon) to leak. A simple output test can tell you if your air conditioner is operating correctly.


6) More batteries fail from the heat of summer than the cold of winter. Have your battery tested to make sure it is proving the amperage necessary. At the same time, have the battery ends serviced so good contact is being made between the cables and the battery.


7)  Get your air filter changed. Winter plugs it with dirt and grim and will definitely impact your fuel mileage.


8)  Nothing is more sensitive to the harsh winter conditions then your under hood belts and hoses. Having a belt break or a hose start leaking can put an end to an enjoyable trip in a few seconds. Get your hoses and belts inspected before you leave.


9)  Get new wiper blades installed and top off your window wash. Good visibility is important and a streaking windshield while driving into the sun is not fun for any of us. Wiper blades are very often overlooked and should be replaced every other oil change. Wiper blades are a very inexpensive investment that can mean much to your driving safety.


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