Your Nose Can Warn You of Possible Car Trouble



All those lovely smells and sounds of spring, how we all wait for them to surround us. Flowers and trees blooming, birds chirping, and the aroma and sounds that each creates wakes up our senses for the warmer months ahead.


But, when those car windows go down, your nose can be a great detective in discovering possible issues with your vehicle. We all know that “new car smell”. Many car dealers now spray that smell into their used vehicles to give your senses a new car treat. Here are some other smells that you may detect with the windows down…


Burnt rubber, now that is a nasty smell. If you get a scent of that, it can relate to a belt slipping or one of your rubber hoses rubbing against a drive pulley.


The smell of hot oil could mean that oil is leaking onto the exhaust system. To verify the leak, look for oil on the pavement or smoke coming from the engine area. If the oil leak is not fixed, it can cause further issues to your vehicle. It can also be an indication of oil sizzling on top of your exhaust system.


Gasoline has a distinct aroma, and other than a little extra spilling when you gas up, make sure to notice the gasoline smell. A persistent gasoline smell could be an injector issue, fuel line, or other fuel system problem.


A burning carpet smell normally indicates a brake issue. If you get a whiff of this, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Faulty brakes are never something you want to hesitate on repairing.


Lastly, the smell of rotten eggs means something could be rotten with your catalytic converter. The catalytic converter plays a major role on the emissions of your vehicle, and also impacts the performance of the engine.


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