Car Damage to Be Aware of in the Spring




It might be easy to drive fast and reckless in the spring, but damage can still be done to your vehicle. Spring is a common time for potholes to form on the road. They can be disguised as puddles on the road as well. Make sure when you approach a puddle to slow down and drive around it if possible.


By hitting a pothole you can be doing more damage to your vehicle than you realize. It can do damage to the tires, suspension, shocks, and struts. It can also lead to poor alignment of the vehicle. Even if no immediate damage is indicated, over time it will start to show. This can cause your vehicle to breakdown unexpectedly. It can also lead to other issues with the parts of your vehicle.


The spring is also a good time to wash your vehicle. Over the winter salt and road grime can collect on your vehicle. This can lead to corrosion or rust. When the vehicle is washed, make sure to include the undercarriage. By washing your vehicle, you will remove the dirt, dried salt, and road grime that has collected over the winter.


Make sure to bring your vehicle in. This is important because we can inspect the parts and components for you. Having a vehicle that is well maintained can help you save money at the pumps, as well as have it last as long as possible.


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