Aligning the Wheels of Your Vehicle




All four of your wheels are properly aligned, which is important for your safety as well as the performance of your vehicle. A wheel alignment should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance inspection when you take it in for a tune-up. If you notice that the vehicle pulls in one direction or the other, make sure to bring it in and we can inspect the tires for you.


If you have hit something, large or small, you should always take your vehicle in to make sure the wheels are still aligned, as well as making sure nothing on the undercarriage has been effected by it. Another indication you should take your vehicle in is if you see a wear pattern on the shoulders of your tires, or if you notice your vehicle is handling much differently. This is important to your safety, as well as the safety of others. With poorly aligned wheels, you run the risk of having an accident and endangering the lives of others.


The engine has to work harder and use more gasoline to make up for the interference, such as unaligned tires. When your tires are properly aligned, you will not be creating resistance, which impacts your gas mileage. You will be able to help maintain the best fuel efficiency you can for your vehicle. If you notice your vehicle is getting worse gas mileage than normal, you should plan to have it taken in to have it inspected. This can also help you to have a comfortable ride when you drive.


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