Have Automotive Procare Check Your Coolant Before You Need Your Heater

As the temperatures turn cooler out, now is the ideal time to have the coolant tested in your vehicle. By having the coolant tested, you can ensure that it is in the best condition to use through the fall and winter. If the coolant is not in proper condition, it will need to be flushed and changed. The coolant protects the engine from freezing. It also helps to prevent components against corrosion. Having the proper coolant in your vehicle can help sustain the engine by removing heat that is produced. The heat that is removed by the coolant helps to provide a balance for the engine and is critical in ensuring that it operates properly. If the engine overheats, it can result in deterioration of the oil and the engine itself.

Most coolants will be good for temperatures as low as -30 degrees. This is important for the winter because it will provide freeze protection when the sub zero temperatures hit. The coolant will help transfer heat to the passenger compartment of the vehicle, providing you and your passengers with warmth and comfort as you drive. Make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the coolant for you. We can also do a coolant flush for the vehicle. Keeping the coolant clean can help the vehicle operate at top efficiency and performance levels. It will also increase the safety and comfort of your vehicle when you drive it.


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